This is a project for learning how to use mkdocs and readthedocs website.

In this webpage I will include the features I found useful in mkdocs.

I need cross reference.

Read the docs will by default create outline for a page, can I disable that, or is it better to disable that?

A few things to learn. How to add new pages.

How to reference other pages?

Cross reference

Link to syntax page

Link to code


  • mkdocs new [dir-name] - Create a new project.
  • mkdocs serve - Start the live-reloading docs server.
  • mkdocs build - Build the documentation site.
  • mkdocs help - Print this help message.

Project layout

mkdocs.yml    # The configuration file.
docs/  # The documentation homepage.
    ...       # Other markdown pages, images and other files.

Try to use for building sphinx docs.